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If there is a heaven on earth for adventurers, surely this is it. Miles of trails lace emerald forests. Secret coves entice sun worshipers and beachcombers. And the ocean teams with its own exotic mysteries: Diving and snorkeling among coral reefs. Canoeing and kayaking through magical estuaries. World class surfing, sailing and sport fishing. From this private basecamp, every day unveils a new discovery and a chance to see the world through different eyes.

Concierge Recommends
Ocean Adventure Gulf of papagayo

Venture out and explore secluded beaches, sea caves and estuaries.  Our favorite Ocean Discovery Tour is a wonderful way to experience the Papagayo Gulf and see dolphins, whales, turtles, rays and countless reef creatures along the way.

catch your first wave playa prieta

For many of our guests, catching their first wave and riding it’s green, unbroken face is a life-changing experience and there is no better place to experience the exhilaration and freedom of surfing than on Playa Prieta’s perfect beginner wave.

hang with a three-toed sloth monteverde

Check out the world’s slowest mammal in Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve while stepping on the Continental Divide, with one foot on the Caribbean side and the other on the Pacific.

RIO CELESTE Tenorio Volcano National Park

Jump into bright blue waterfalls and reconnect with nature in a mesmerizing rainforest canyon. In Tenorio, you will find a diverse array of flora and fauna, including pumas, tapirs, howler monkeys, squirrels, bromeliads, palms, ferns and much more.

life-altering experiences
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