Coral Gardening

Rainforests of the Sea

Go deep with our dive masters on a one-of-a-kind rescue mission to clean, catalog and restore our fragile coral reefs struggling to survive in the waters surrounding Papagayo. Aptly called the “rainforests of the sea,” these intricate underwater worlds are bustling with fascinating diversity. But their real beauty lies behind the scenes, where they cover just 1% of the ocean floor—but support an incredible 25% of all marine life. Join our remarkable restoration project and help bring back the lost coral reefs. Your impact will benefit generations to come.

What to expect
The chance to visit and clean our unique coral nurseries and view mesmerizing marine life of all kinds on two additional dives. Have fun and dive with purpose.
What to bring
Coral-friendly sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suit and towel
3.5 hours
$275 + tax
Minimum Experience
Certified with at least 10 dives