Palmares Wilderness Hike

See Life Along the Edges

Monkeys and parrots and hawks, oh my! You never know what you’ll encounter in the wilderness of Palmares where ecosystems converge. This large swatch of land is largely untouched, save for a few hidden trails known only to your PEC guide. Our 3-hour hike leads deep into the forest where you can see plants in all shades of green and animals in their natural habitats. Tucked away from civilization, Palmares provides shelter for a dizzying array of wildlife. If you’re lucky (and very quiet), you might even spot a big cat—a rare experience sure to delight families with kids.

What to expect
The chance to see different birds, like herons, hawks and parrots, plus crabs, reptiles, monkeys and other mammals
What to bring
T-shirt, shorts, hiking shoes, sun protection, sunglasses and water bottle
3 hours
$80 + tax
7 and up