Nature Walk

Nature Walk
(Day or Night)

Embark on a magical nature walk through the peninsula’s tropical dry forest to explore the rich flora, fauna and history of Peninsula Papagayo. By day, listen to the whispered secrets of big ash trees, plants, lizards, butterflies, birds, insects and monkeys, and learn all about their relationships with the natural order of the universe. By night, discover the nocturnal mystery of the nightlife creatures that come out to play after dark. Listen to the wild orchestra. Look for sleeping birds. Surround yourself in nature’s built-in fairy lights—fireflies.

What to expect
Parrots, parakeets, leafcutter ants, iguanas, monkeys, pizotes, peccaries, and more by day. Tarantulas, opossums, bats, porcupines, toads, snakes, geckos, and more by night. A few lucky guests might get to share our guides’ night vision goggles.
What to bring
Comfortable clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, walking shoes, bug repellent and water bottle
2 hours
$45 + tax
8:00am, 10:30am, 2:00pm & 6:00pm daily
Available to ages 5 and up