Birdwatching and Photography

Bird Watching and Photography

For bird lovers, the study of nature is one of the most fascinating adventures in the world. Join our resident naturalist with binoculars and telescope at the ready to see some of the 100-plus bird species that call the peninsula home—including trogons, the tiger heron, the crabeater hawk, the guaco, the bobo chizo, the turquoise-browed motmot, the manakin, the lineated woodpecker and the scissor-tail. It’s a wonderful opportunity to practice wildlife photography and have fun exploring the aviary world of Peninsula Papagayo.

What to expect
Parrots, tanagers, woodpeckers, warblers, woodcreepers, hawks, falcons, trogons, motmots, herons, frigate birds and much more
What to bring
Comfortable clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, walking shoes, bug repellent and water bottle
2 hours
$45 + tax
6:20am & 4:00pm daily
Available to ages 5 and up