As construction nears completion, noted Costa Rica architect Ronald Zürcher talks about his new collection of Four Seasons Private Residences and the evolution of Papagayo style.
By Niki Jensen | November 10, 2019
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For his latest creation, noted Costa Rican architect Ronald Zurcher found inspiration in the repeating patterns found in flora, fauna and pre-Columbian seals discovered on the property. As construction of the exclusive Four Seasons residential enclave nears completion, we asked Zürcher how he is feeling about his latest design evolution.

Your vision of organic sublimity will soon become a reality. Are you happy with the transformation so far?

Zürcher: I’m thrilled with how well the structures and interior spaces are integrating with the environment. There is excellent transparency and dimmed natural light, creating beautiful, diverse experiences from sunrise to sundown..

Sunset on Prieta Bay.
Sunset on Prieta Bay

There has been lots of positive feedback from homeowners so far. Several comments related to a sense of solidness in the construction. What made the difference?

Zürcher: Good buildings come from good people, and this was a total team effort. A deep foundation system helped a great deal, which enabled us to transfer building loads farther down from the surface. In the process, we were able to achieve longer spans with lighter structural elements on the top floors.

Arrival at Four Seasons Private Residences Prieta Bay at Peninsula Papagayo.
Arriving to the new Four Seasons Private Residences Prieta Bay at Peninsula Papagayo.

As an architect, what excites you most about these new homes?

I would say the sense of place and natural transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. I love how the organic forms look from a distance, and the intimate spaces achieved by the undulating structures. The copper roofs came out even better than we imagined.

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