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July 30, 2021
Creciendo Juntos

Growing Together for 20 years

By Francesca Poddie

Creciendo Juntos turns 20 and continues to grow and make a difference in the 19 communities surrounding Peninsula Papagayo. Its latest public-private partnership, a new medical clinic in nearby Corralillos, opened July 7, 2021. The group's executive director, Elsa Bonilla, sat down with us recently to talk about the group's latest public-private partnership and what it means for local Guanacestecans. Read the Interview
February 27, 2021
Real Estate

Antoine Predock’s Latest Architectural Wonder Coming Soon to Papagayo

By Vladimir Belogolovsky

It is rare to come across places where architecture, particularly contemporary buildings, complements a beautiful natural setting in a decidedly positive way. Most locations are appreciated either because of the landscape, or the architecture, not both. Buildings designed by world-class masters tend to be built in stark contrast to the landscape they are surrounded by, and if we were asked to take a perfect shot of a gorgeous view anywhere, we would most likely make sure that nothing manmade gets in the way. These two contrasting worlds are successfully brought into harmony at Bahías — Antoine Predock's latest masterwork at Costa Rica's famed Peninsula Papagayo. Read the Interview

By Niki Jensen

Managed by Hyatt, the limited collection of seaside residences will be distinctively local, in every sense. Read the News Article

By Niki Jensen

The 2nd annual member-guest charity golf tournament will be held January 23-24th with 100% of entry fees to benefit nearby Guardia High School. Read the News Article
November 10, 2019
Four Seasons
Real Estate

New Four Seasons Residential Enclave Nears Completion on Prieta Bay

By Niki Jensen

As construction nears completion, noted Costa Rica architect Ronald Zürcher talks about his new collection of Four Seasons Private Residences and the evolution of Papagayo style. Read the Interview
September 25, 2019

Community Effort Builds To Grow Coral in Culebra

By Niki Jensen

After several months of preparation and training, the joint effort between the private sector, government, academia, and NGOs is laying the foundation for the restoration of Culebra Bay's coral reefs and ecosystem services. Read More
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