Increase forest cover in Costa Rica

FONAFIFO carbon credits directly support forest ecosystem conservation in Costa Rica, offsetting CO2 emissions from travel with positive and meaningful local impacts.

Make a positive impact on local communities

FONAFIFO carbon credits support local communities in myriad ways by fostering sustainable tourism, protecting and restoring nature, and preserving a sense of place for future generations — one tree at a time.

Partner with environmental leaders

FONAFIFO is Costa Rica’s lauded National Forestry Financing Fund, recipient of the 2020 United Nations Global Climate Action Award.

ClimateTrade is the industry’s leading platform for carbon offsetting — providing full transparency and traceability with blockchain technology.

Frequently asked questions

Until sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels are within reach, there will be unavoidable carbon emissions from travel that need to be compensated for. Purchasing carbon credits from FONAFIFO does this, giving visitors the opportunity to balance out their carbon footprint by funding local solutions to reduce emissions and protect biodiversity in Costa Rica.

Over 90% of your purchase goes directly to FONAFIFO’s Payments for Environmental Services Program to support carbon sequestration, biodiversity protection, water regulation and landscape beauty in Costa Rica.

FONAFIFO receives US$7.50 per ton of CO2e, which is the price established by the Government of Costa Rica for the voluntary market.

ClimateTrade receives an administration fee of 10%, which is added to the cost of the credits and included in your transaction.

Peninsula Papagayo does not receive any financial compensation in exchange for providing this service.

Once your transaction has been successfully completed, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from ClimateTrade with a nominative certificate and blockchain link confirming receipt of your contribution by FONAFIFO’s Payment for Environmental Services Program.

ClimateTrade’s calculator estimates CO2 emissions based on the mode of transportation and the traveled route.

Flying Commercial – The calculator for commercial flights is linked to the International Civil Aviation (ICAO), using airport codes for origin and destination, passenger load factor, flight legs, and flight class to obtain accurate estimates of burned fuel and CO2e.

Flying Private – The calculator for private flights is linked to open-source databases published by industry groups and trade associations in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Yacht – The yacht calculator uses methodology and metrics provided by the US Department of Energy and Department of Transportation.

Car – The car calculator uses methodology and metrics provided by the car manufacturer and open-source databases published by the US Departments of Energy and Transportation.

The ClimateTrade Widget give you full visibility into your carbon footprint from travel and offers the option to offset your emissions with FONAFIFO carbon credits at check-out.

FONAFIFO is Costa Rica’s lauded National Forestry Financing Fund, recipient of the 2020 United Nations Global Climate Action.

Operating under the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), it was created in 1996 with the objective of funding innovative and integrative environmental solutions to combat climate change.

Costa Rica’s successful conservation model and flagship Payments for Environmental Services Program have received international attention for reversing deforestation and restoring ecosystems, most recently the 2021 Earthshot Prize.

ClimateTrade is the world’s first climate marketplace that connects individuals that want to offset their carbon footprint with certified climate regeneration projects, eliminating the need for intermediaries and ensuring the traceability of payments with blockchain technology.

The ClimateTrade widget has been customized for guests staying at Peninsula Papagayo to provide visibility on the carbon footprint of their travel, with an option to offset their impact by purchasing FONAFIFO carbon credits at checkout.