A World Apart by Antoine Predock

The Architecture of Happiness


A private enclave of 13 family compounds, starting in the low $6 millions

Many of us are craving a new type of home away. Far away from the everyday. Someplace exotic. Exhilarating. A refuge to restore health to our bodies and harmony to our souls. While our minds seek a safe haven for the generations to come, our souls yearn for something different. Someplace magical, immersed in nature. An easy escape for friends and family that moves our spirits and forges a permanent imprint on our hearts. Peninsula Papagayo answers this call with Bahías—a new pinnacle for adventurers inspired by one of the greatest living architects on the planet.

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1 / The architect

The Imagination of Antoine Predock

Recipient of AIA’s highest honor and internationally esteemed among the vanguard of architectural innovators as a force of nature for a half century, Antoine Predock’s notoriety is born of an intensely personal dialogue with place. Restoring the primal connections we both deeply desire and viscerally need, he defies categorization. There is no Predock style, only architecture’s reciprocity with the landscape.

2 / The Setting

Natural Wonders

Nestled atop one of Papagayo’s coveted promontories with panoramic views over multiple beaches and back-to-back bays, Bahías presents boundless beauty in landscape—a juxtaposition of rugged and refined, picturesque and pastoral. A mosaic of tropical dry forest, islands, bays, sandy beaches, rocky shores, estuary and mangrove, it possesses all the riches of Guanacaste’s pacific coastal ecosystem. Welcome to nature unleashed.

3/ Land Plan

Less is More

Rooted in a celebration of the natural world, the land plan for Bahías responds to complex landforms and diverse plant life across the site. Predock’s visionary landscape approach conserves much of the original landform, preserving natural wonders. Each estate is sited for optimal views and privacy. Uncommonly low density and generous setbacks between residences—more than 80 feet on average—means ultimate seclusion within one of the peninsula’s most dramatic settings.

4/ Design

Architecture as Art

Within this magical jungle canopy filled with the splendor of everyday things, Predock’s poetic rooflines perform an elegant dance of light and shade. He has somehow managed to unleash Papagayo’s full potential from deep time. Weighty masses and volumes float effortlessly between earth and sky, clinging to a narrow ridge 80 meters above the Pacific. Traditional boundaries between the natural and material worlds are obliterated. Indoor-outdoor living is given new meaning. The feeling is at once exhilarating and indescribable, awakening what is most hopeful within us.

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Architecture is an adventure, a fascinating journey toward the unexpected.

Antoine Predock
5/ Ownership

We made it seamless

From design and development to construction and property management, everything about Bahías has been engineered for effortless ownership. Day-to-day operations and routine preventative maintenance are seamless under the administration of the new Bahías homeowner association. Extending from streetscape to building envelope and landscape, each element of Predock’s vision will be meticulously maintained to the highest standards, in perpetuity. One of the many features of ownership includes an optional rental program.

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