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Benefits of Living in Costa Rica

What Are The Benefits of Living in Costa Rica?

Whether they’re considering an alternative to the fast pace of life or planning their retirement, many people are asking ‘what are the benefits of living in Costa Rica?’ The small Central American country offers many advantages for those seeking to live life at a more leisurely pace, and has become a popular expat destination, especially for former US residents. Peninsula Papagayo is the premium coastal resort-residential community Latin America has to offer, with incredible amenities and luxuries above and beyond what’s to be found in the average Costa Rican beach town.


Reasons Expatriates Are Choosing To Live in Costa Rica

One romantic and oft-quoted reason that expatriates flock to Costa Rica is the culture of ‘pura vida’, or ‘pure life’. A simple, low-stress lifestyle that enables people to enjoy what is really important to them. However, there is more to life in Costa Rica than this. Expats living in Costa Rica move there for a variety of  reasons:


Natural Beauty

Costa Rica possesses multiple beautiful areas, from tropical beaches to volcanoes to lowland rainforests to cloud forests. The nation is only the size of Lake Michigan but contains 27 national parks, teeming with Costa Rica’s diverse flora and fauna. Whether you choose to settle in the populous Central Valley, ringed by mountains and volcanoes, or the picturesque coast stretching for 800 miles, you can be sure that you will find natural beauty nearby to inspire and delight. Peninsula Pagagayo, shining quietly on Costa Rica’s North Pacific, is one of the few enchanted corners of the world where time appears to stand still. Surrounded by ocean on three sides and wrapped in a cultural mosaic of beauty and biodiversity, With a UNESCO World Heritage Site at its doorstep, Peninsula Papagayo offers an exciting array of outdoor pursuits for all interests, ages, and stages.



Outdoor Adventures

Costa rica is legendary for its variety of outdoor activities, whether it is water sports like surfing, diving, jet skiing, white water rafting or sports fishing, to the leisure activities of horseback riding, biking, camping, playing golf or tennis, to the more demanding ones of, hiking, jogging and mountain bike riding.
The club at peninsula papagayo offers an extraordinary variety of outdoor adventure, water sports, leisure, as well as an ever-changing calendar of classes, workshops, and social events in every season.

Nearby Natural Attractions


Quality of Life

Costa Rica is one of the healthiest places on earth. A recent study by Bloomberg ranks Costa Rica as the healthiest country in Latin America and 24th worldwide. Costa Rica is home to one of the five original blue zones regions, the Nicoya peninsula, with a high number of centenarians in excellent health. It’s also one of the happiest places in Central America: Costa Ricans report a high level of life satisfaction. 

The Club at Peninsula Papagayo

Is Living in Costa Rica Worth It?

Depending on your priorities, you may find the prospect of living in Costa Rica highly enticing. All things considered, Costa Rica strikes a balance that is hard to find in other expat locations around the world. Costa Rica is a tropical country with temperatures ranging between 70-81°F year-round. For those choosing to make Costa Rica their second home, spending part of the year enjoying “pura vida,” the country provides all the amenities and quality of life factors necessary for an easy adjustment. 

The pristine beaches of the Southern Zone, the matchless biodiversity and spectacle of the Papagayo Peninsula: there are many incredible sights to enjoy beyond the most popular tourist destinations. These wonders are treasures that you can relish all year round, and share with your guests.

The Peninsula Papagayo Club & Resort is a luxury coastal retreat residential community in the north of Costa Rica, built to create harmony between the sophisticated residential facilities at the disposal of our residents and the extraordinary landscape. We are surrounded by 600 square miles of protected wilderness, making us the perfect home for nature lovers and those who feel most at home in the great outdoors.

If you are ready to take the next step in exploring the benefits of living in Costa Rica, we invite you to inquire about luxury real estate opportunities at Peninsula Papagayo.