Strategic Stewardship

Sustainable Development

In 2018, new ownership led by Gencom launched a transformational resort-wide initiative to reduce the intensity of Peninsula Papagayo’s environmental footprint. Clear goals were established in consultation with Ernst & Young. Among them: becoming carbon neutral, water neutral, and certified zero waste to landfill. The trio of environmental targets is part of a comprehensive triple bottom line strategy developed in collaboration with local stakeholders. Underpinning the plan is an innovative management system created by EY, incorporating 18 recognized sustainability certifications and interrelated best practices that will enable our team to measure progress across a broad range of environmental, social, and economic impacts. Funding for Creciendo Juntos – the lauded community outreach program launched by Peninsula Papagayo in 2001 – will continue to increase, improving access to quality education and healthcare in the 19 surrounding communities.

Reporte Sostenibilidad 2020

2020 Executive Summary



Situated at the doorstep of the Area de Conservación Guanacaste World Heritage Site, Peninsula Papagayo is blessed with a magical biological corridor. The master developer believes the best way of preserving biodiversity and restoring ecosystem services is by integrating people and nature in the most sensitive manner possible, so that residents can appreciate and contribute to its conservation in perpetuity. Peninsula Papagayo will continue to build capacity and credibility as a conservation-focused community by measuring species diversity, abundance and production, and returning degraded habitat to a healthy, functioning condition that supports priority wildlife species.



From its inception, Peninsula Papagayo was envisioned to play a vital role in helping nearby communities achieve socio-economic levels enjoyed in other regions of the country. Our commitment began in 2001 with the creation of a pioneering outreach program called Creciendo Juntos.  Along the way, Creciendo Juntos has collaborated with local community leaders, businesses, and national institutions to improve access to quality healthcare and education — broadening the horizon of job opportunities, self-employment, and entrepreneurship for residents in the region.

2020 Annual Report


Raising Coral
in Culebra

Rising ocean temperatures are expected to exceed the ability of coral reefs to survive within the next one to three decades, according to UNESCO. With restoration no longer an option, Peninsula Papagayo, working in collaboration with Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and a team of leading experts, has begun the process of restoring the coral reef ecosystems in Culebra Bay. Though growing coral is a long term proposition, there is cause for hope. In a period of 8-10 months, our partners from Raising Coral Costa Rica have been able to achieve an acceleration in growth that typically takes 12-15 years.

One or more images on this page originally appeared in the book “Voices of Guanacaste,” and are presented here courtesy of photographer Tony Arruzza.