Unlike other destinations in Costa Rica, the 180-berth Marina Papagayo was purpose-built to host watercraft up to 200-feet long. Over the past decade, superyachts have grown in size and the marina is conducting a feasibility study to expand the facilities to accommodate larger vessels.
By Francesca Poddie | May 6, 2022 | Peninsula Papagayo
Marina Papagayo hosted a record number of superyachts in December. In their quest for a luxurious and private experience, these 200'-plus ultra-cruisers find the finest superyacht accommodations available in Central America at Peninsula Papagayo. “Superyacht owners are seeking a more exploratory experience rather than heading to more established destinations like the Mediterranean and St. Barts,” says Dan Eaffaldano, Operations Director at Marina Papagayo. “They want to go places that are less crowded and less explored, and the Eastern Tropical Seascape certainly fits the bill with Isla del Coco, Coiba, Malpelo Island, and the Galápagos—all within a short cruising distance.” The coastal waters of Peninsula Papagayo brim with biodiversity, making it a world-class destination for underwater expeditions. Travelers can plunge 1,500 feet below the surface at nearby Isla del Coco—a small UNESCO-listed island ranked as one of the best dive sites in the world—to explore exotic marine life in a custom-built submersible. To the west, the Costa Rica Thermal Dome’s nutrient-rich waters attract a plethora of aquatic species including blue whales who come to feed on the abundant zooplankton and phytoplankton thrust to the surface by a convergence of wind and sea currents. Throughout the coastal waters surrounding the Peninsula, ocean enthusiasts can dive with a wide array of sea life from reef fish and giant manta rays to sea turtles and sharks, or swim with giant dolphin megapods that number in the thousands. Map
On land, owners, captains and crews have access to the creature comforts of Marina Papagayo including a marina village featuring a gourmet market, Ship’s Store (a well-equipped general store), and the recently upgraded Dive Bar Restaurant, which serves up a welcoming introduction to Costa Rica’s pura vida lifestyle. Just beyond the marina, Peninsula Papagayo offers seven spectacular beaches, an Arnold Palmer Signature golf course, the Andaz Costa Rica Resort Beach House and miles of hiking and biking trails to explore.