Ancient Earth Relief # 004
Meanwhile, the level of Lake Ladoga decreased even more and the elevation difference between it and the Georgian reservoir increased. Gaining strength, the channel connecting the lakes lowered the Georgian Lake. So the Volkhov was born. The formation of Volkhov south of the Georgian Lake proceeded no less difficult. In all likelihood, its upper part was formed by capturing by the left tributary of the Pitba some river flowing from the north to Vishera. I must say that the capture of rivers or parts of them by other rivers is not so rare. If two streams are distinguished by a narrow watershed, the stronger of them can penetrate deeper into the rocks during the development and erosion of soils. As a result, being under a weaker neighbor, he will carry him and his pool.

It seems that such an incident occurred at the time and on the catchment of the Msta River. Its upper reaches from the source to the confluence of Uvery belonged, probably, to the river from the basin of the Black or Caspian Seas. In any case, both in age and in the general direction of runoff, this section of Msta stands out noticeably. Tigoda, for example, on a section between Lyuban station and Didvino settlement, describing a huge loop, several tens of kilometers flows in the opposite direction to the general drain. In the lower reaches of Vishera, near the village of Usherskaya, a blind sleeve departs from the river, ending in a dry ravine. A dry hollow stretches from the bend of the Vishera River, located near the village of Gorodishche, in the direction of Lake Slavno. Only 5 km from each other are the sources of Pitba and Polisti. The valleys of these two rivers separated by the watershed are extended parallel to Volkhov and are, as it were, a continuation of one another. However, the flow along them goes in diametrically opposite directions, although both Pitba and Polist are both tributaries of the Volkhov. Many rivers flowing into the Volkhov flow in wide valleys, inherited from the great rivers and from the flows generated by the retreating glacier. The width of the channel of the left tributary of the Volkhov River - the Prusyn River, for example, is only 6 m, and the width of the valley it occupies is 200 m, the Osma River is twice as large as the Prusyn River, but it also flows in a hollow 200–250 m wide. The mismatch between the rivers of the Volkhov basin and the valleys occupied by them noticed at the beginning of the XIX century, the Russian naturalist and traveler N. Ya. Ozeretskovsky. “The little river Pitba, emerging from the marshes,” he wrote, “occupies an extensive gully, wriggling along it as if in arches and making small eyes that are pleasant to the eye, as if made by art.” A careful look in the drawing of the modern hydrographic network of the Volkhov basin, in the structure of its river valleys and lake terraces, even in the hydrological regime of surface waters, the past is opened everywhere. Reviews hotels in Tashkent

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