Driftland: The Magic Revival: Overview kizi game
Talking about the fact that everything is bad with strategies is, of course, groundless. Tropico 6 , Anno 1800 , Imperator: Rome , ambulance Total War: Three Kingdoms - fans of the genre are now just running around. However, these are all fairly classic things from venerable developers. All the more valuable when something not just worthwhile appears in the indie sector, but also harmoniously combines classics with its ideas. Here's how, for example, Driftland: The Magic Revival, whose authors, on the one hand, follow the path laid back in Majesty www.kizi2games.net Kizi Game, and on the other, add to this time-tested formula terraforming and flying on eagles and dragons.

Action Driftland set in a fantasy world, a planet split devastating war on the smaller islands. Here, of course, “Allods” are immediately recalled , but we still have a strategy, therefore everything is arranged differently.

As I said, the overall concept is taken from Majesty . Several factions belonging to, as a rule, to different races, argue for supremacy on each map - or simply develop in parallel, solving their problems and periodically using diplomacy.

We are building the castle and building various useful buildings. Some, like farms, mines, gold mines, quarries and sawmills, bring resources (until they are selected in this area completely). Others, such as barracks, shooting ranges, magic towers, and the like, allow you to call upon warriors to fight for you. Still others, like forges and libraries, allow heroes to learn useful "skills." All buildings, as usual, are allowed to improve - there would be enough resources.

But you cannot control units directly in Driftland: The Magic Revival . It is only allowed to put flag-pointers - they say, explore here, collect resources there, attack such an enemy, a building or a whole territory. You can only whip up to do it faster, paying gold for the flag to become a priority.

Such a map in the game is very convenient - it allows you to immediately assess the situation and respond directly from this screen.
But the player’s personal involvement is also expressed in the fact that he can help his troops with global magic, bringing down fireballs, lightning and other sorcery on enemies - or, for example, speeding up his own and slowing others off. In addition, you can create portals through which your warriors will quickly move between territories, and call upon magic eyes that remove part of the “fog of war” at a selected point on the map.

Even better are the dragons that I spoke about at the very beginning. Well, or huge crows and eagles, which saddle your heroes. So, with the help of flying units, we mainly explore the map and fight. It is clear why: all of it is broken into fragments hanging in the air and hidden by fog. And winged wards can quickly get there and open the location.

Not only can there be found a new nest of the same eagles, some treasure with gold or, for example, a new skill for heroes, so you also get a chance to attach this fragment to your Empire. And this is very important. So additional sources of resources will appear, and your foot soldiers will be able to get to the altar with skills or to the nest with eagles to ride them (flying units for obvious reasons play in Driftlandhuge role).

But to attach, you have to use global magic. We select a shard with a special spell and move it as close as possible to our own - this will allow to throw a wooden or stone bridge to it in order to stake out the territory. Then there is an opportunity again to enchant the fragments with spells, making their surface more suitable for your race, destroying the islands with all the buildings and even creating new ones from the air.

Now it will hurt everyone!

At the early access stage, many expressed concern that there was not enough content in The Magic Revival , but with the release several campaigns were added for different races that open gradually. People, dwarves and dark elves here defend their interests and perform various tasks. And then the authors promise to add a campaign for wild elves.

In general, nothing outstanding (to get to such a fragment, to find this, to meet with those, to destroy this castle ...), but some of the missions turned out to be really interesting and tense. Especially when you need, for example, to repel the attacks of the dark elves, and to look for dwarves, and then help them and make sure that the tornadoes running on the map do not disperse all your troops.

And most importantly, in campaigns (however, as in the local or network “skyrmish”), you can evaluate the features of the game for different races. Dwarves are able to build special antimagic statues that protect entire territories, and their researchers are able to repair buildings. Wild elves grow plants that treat units. Their dark relatives erect special thorny spikes that protect against attacks on the bridges connecting the fragments. Plus, each race has its own global magic tricks: if for people you traditionally fry enemies with fire and invigorate them with lightning, then, for example, the main attacking “spell” of the dark elf magician is the call of the Banshee flock.

All this is not a joke. In Driftland very cool combination of the usual strategic exercises offset base and resource management, indirect management, research cards astride eagles and dragons and non-standard methods of expanding the Empire with the help of terraforming and land movement splinters. A separate layer of gameplay is associated with capturing the nests of neutral birds - you need to hire "flyers" there in time and send the heroes of different classes to saddle them.

There are really large-scale and spectacular battles here!

In addition, the construction of these very fragments from the air opens up new methods of conquering territories. They become a kind of bridge between yours and the enemy’s land, when you need to make sure that not only flying, but also foot units can reach the enemy’s castle. Before them - and then from them - you can hold portals, build around defensive towers, and voila - a powerful base for a victorious blitzkrieg is ready!

However, not everything is so simple. First, the enemy AI actively supports its troops with magic and cripples ours. And his mana reserves seem to be limitless. Secondly, here in principle you are constantly in suspense. It is also necessary to fight back from regular attacks on your lands (defense towers do not always save), and teach heroes in time with new skills, explore the map, and do not forget to expand the Empire with new fragments.

And also make sure that resources do not go into the negative. To do this, you need to transfer labor from one direction to another and back - if, for example, your farms began to produce less food, then it is better to transfer people to them from mines and sawmills. Permanent resource management in this game is extremely important. In such a situation, global upgrades (for example, an increase in the efficiency of the same mines and sawmills), which we buy for points given out for all successful actions and killing enemy heroes, help a lot.

For the time being, it’s embarrassingly too primitive and chaotic battles, during which indirect control often gets us sideways. Situations where units, instead of attacking, fly to the main camp or when you swear because you can not put together a single combat fist and hit all the time, it happens all the time. That is, in theory and in practice, this can be done, but in the process you risk turning gray and losing a huge number of nerve cells. In the same Majesty, all this was arranged somehow more humanly and humanly, or something.

Another shard to visit us!


Despite some indirect control flaws, Driftland: The Magic Revival is amazing and somewhere even sensational (for the indie sector), a quality strategy in the best, and already forgotten, traditions of Majesty . There is not the same humor and irony, but otherwise everything is like in the best houses - here you have a campaign, multiplayer, races different in gameplay, diplomacy, depth and diversity. And terraforming with heroes riding eagles and dragons to boot. It is very difficult to come off!

Pros: in many ways a unique gaming concept; abundance of opportunities; fascinating, diverse and intense gameplay; dragons and terraforming; enough different tactics and strategies of the race; nice looking picture; atmospheric music.

Minuses: indirect control does not always work properly; I would like even more differences between races.

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