Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions: Overview
For those who are familiar with Spider-Man only from cartoons and Hollywood films, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will definitely break the pattern or two. Did you know that the classic superhero in a red and blue costume is far from the only incarnation of Spidey? It turns out that at different times in America there were several Spiders. And if Peter Parker in a black symbiotic outfit is more or less popular, then his predecessor of the era of the 30s of the last century is already a novelty for many. And Miguel O'Hara, the Spiderman of the future, is also a curious person. What other surprises did Beenox developers have prepared?

The first and perhaps most pleasant difference from Web of Shadows is that Shattered Dimensions is linear. Yes, today we will not scold corridor. Getting rid of the useless open world from the Web of Shadows is not the best, but understandable solution. Still, in the most interesting missions, WoS spat on the illusion of freedom and impudently enclosed us with invisible walls. As a result, gray and lifeless New York performed only one function - in the bud, it killed dynamics with boring journeys from task to task. Play the best website friv games.

This time we have a set of fourteen separate levels: training, final, and in the middle - three chapters for each of the Spiders. Their uniqueness, above all, provides a variety of locations. Spydi the canonical has unremarkable landscapes of our world, from the jungle to the abandoned mines. Noir adventures in the black and white scenery of America of the last century - it turns out very stylish and unusual. A hero from the future cleans up futuristic New York from crime. Well, Peter Parker in Venom clothes will show us a gloomy alternative reality.

The most original of the brave quartet is, of course, Noir. He deals with foes unusually - not in open battle. Like Batman from Arkham Asylum, The spider in a leather jacket hides on the hills and at the touch of a button eliminates inattentive opponents. True, the local "stealth" is extremely primitive. Firstly, spiteful critics are stupid and do not notice their comrades point-blank, even if they, entangled in a web, hang from the surrounding lamps. Secondly, Noir himself is not inventive in his reprisals against enemies - he, of course, does not use batarang, explosive gel and harpoon. But still, secretive episodes are not boring - they are simply too rare to be bored, and in addition they delight with their non-standard.

All the other Spidermen, although they have been separated for decades and even parallel measurements, have a common occupation - scuffle. At first dreary, with the purchase of new tricks he becomes more entertaining. They performed a couple of tests like “kill twenty monsters” - and we can already get some new combination of punches. There is always room to spend earned points - the list of goodies in the menu of improvements is impressive. Shattered Dimensions battles- it’s fun. Moreover, the game does not require almost any skill from us - even if randomly hollowing on all the buttons, the Spider will effectively swing its limbs, wrest weapons from the hands of opponents, shoot cobwebs and grab boobies by the scruff of the neck, so that in a moment they send them on a long flight from the cliff. By the way, there are enough various enemies - there are also big men, whom Spydi puts on the shoulder blades especially spectacularly, and the puny little things, and the warriors with a shield, vulnerable only from the back.

In addition, occasionally we are entertained by flying on the web. After Assassin's Creed and Unchartedto impress someone with such fun is certainly difficult, so the authors reasonably reduced the number of acrobatic numbers to a minimum. But where these episodes are present, they are appropriate and dilute numerous battles in time.

Depressing all this happiness is only one thing - the protractedness of most missions. And the reason is the “bosses." Of course, they are very colorful - which is worth only the disgusting skinny Vulture eating people alive - but at least two times will happen to fight with each scoundrel. Such indefatigable craving of the creators for repetition is somewhat annoying and spoils the pleasure. Well, what kind of loser did we get if he is not capable of defeating the villains on the first attempt?

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is by no means comparable to the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum - the level, alas, is not the same. However, this is the best Spider-Man adventure game of recent times. In general, a wonderful trend, is not it? Last year, Batman flashed, Wolverine performed well, this year - and Spydi pulled himself up. We hope that their colleagues in the workshop will feel a little ashamed, so that in the near future they will not force us to cover our faces with our hands.

Pros: cute and diverse locations; non-standard missions with Noir in the lead role; dynamic fights involving other heroes; colorful "bosses".
Cons: tightness.

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