Coffee scrub for face and body
The history of scrubs dates back several centuries. Once upon a time there was not something like scrubs, even the concept of & quot; cosmetics & quot; did not exist. But in all eras there were real women, which means there was a desire to be beautiful, attractive, to preserve youth and charm. Probably, it was this desire that formed the basis of many Russian folk tales, for example, the fairy tale about the Frog Princess, which, having thrown off its skin, became a beauty. Another example is the tale of a rejuvenating apple, fresh milk, and so on.
But how realistic is it to bring it all to life? It turns out really! If the existence of rejuvenating apples is not proven, then to a certain extent, & quot; change skin & quot; can. Scientists, starting to study the structure of the epidermis, were surprised. The upper layer consists of dead skin flakes, under which new young and healthy skin cells are formed. And this layer can self-repair.
But man always wanted to improve what nature gave him. Therefore, scrubs appeared, that is, substances that literally & quot; remove & quot; keratinous skin. Even the ancient Egyptian women mixed sand with ashes and stone chips, and this composition lubricated the heels and elbows. In fact, this strange blend is the progenitor of modern scrubs. The Greek women did it easier - they rubbed them with five fine sand.
Do not forget about the great-grandmother scrub - the usual volcanic pumice. But, of course, it is not in any comparison with the delicate substances that are sold in stores. After them - and the skin is velvety, and pink face, and smell nice. The bad thing is that there is nothing natural. Smoothness is achieved by titanium, which is part of all cosmetics, blush is just an allergy.
What to do? The answer is simple - learn to cook your own scrubs at home. One of the most universal means for making scrub is ground coffee. Besides the fact that it is a finished abrasive, ground coffee beans contain essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the skin, stimulating blood circulation and cell renewal. Of course, it is better to use only coffee that is drunk, since it is still warm, which means that coffee oil will better penetrate the skin. Below are some recipes of coffee scrub.
Recipes coffee scrubs for face and body.
1. & quot; Lazy & quot ;.
As the name implies, this is a scrub that can be done without really bothering your head. Everything is very simple - take a teaspoon of coffee in your palm, and then squeeze out your favorite shower gel on coffee. This is a simple abrasive scrub that will just help refresh the skin cells. But the effect even from the scrub is noticeable immediately.
2. with aspirin.
Mix 1 spoonful of warm ground, 5 tablets of aspirin and honey. Apply to face. This mask scrub due to aspirin relieves inflammation, but it is better not to rub the face after all, so as not to smash the infection from acne. Apply only on a wet face, so as not to damage the skin, gently massaging in a circular motion.
3. & quot; Greek & quot ;.
Preparing is simple: the coffee grounds are mixed with liquid honey and olive oil. All this is applied to the face 2 times a week for a couple of minutes, not more.
4. & quot; anti-aging & quot ;.
This scrub is a universal remedy to combat wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin. It is prepared like this: egg white, coffee grounds, sour cream and honey are mixed in equal proportions. All this is applied to the face and wait to dry. Then wash off with warm water. Note that the resulting mass should not be very thick. If it does happen, just add sour cream.
5. based on clay.
Take in equal proportions coffee grounds, honey, olive oil and clay, preferably blue. Clay and coffee pour boiling water to obtain a creamy mass. Add butter and honey. Apply the mass on your face for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.
6. & quot; Anti-cellulite & quot ;.
Mix the coffee grounds with chopped sea salt and a few drops of olive oil. Apply the mixture on steamed skin and rub in for a few minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water. Regular use can significantly reduce cellulite and stretch marks.
Thus, a coffee scrub for the face and body is just a godsend for those women who want to preserve beauty for a long time without resorting to the help of chemistry. Experiment, create, create your own unique scrub recipes, and most importantly - always remain beauties! Will always be able to help in this matter. captain handy responsible for quality

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