Movie Review - & quot; Predator & quot; (2018). Part 1
Like many franchises that have distinguished themselves in the past, & quot; Predator & quot; back from oblivion. And as it happens in most cases, the return was mildly a failure. Low marks from critics and spectators, I can not say that this is unreasonable because the picture has many flaws, the main of which can certainly be considered an exciting plot.
And this is a very important criterion for the cinema. However, there are still certain & quot; light spots & quot; mixed with opposite moments. Yes, there is something to talk about, and what appeals to this film, and what repels read on.

Positive points:

1. Predators are not clichéd monsters. Almost all the films about aliens can be divided into two categories: those where the aliens just want to kill everyone, and those where there are good aliens who help humanity. However, back in 1987, filmmakers went further and created a monster who is deprived of such clichés. If in the first film we were shown that the predator is not just a killing machine, but also a hunter with his own rules and a code of honor, the following films more and more began to reveal the culture of this race. A great contribution in this regard was made by the first crossover with a stranger, where we were shown the customs of aliens, how they develop and not only.

That is why I am more impressed by a predator than a stranger, because the former is not an ordinary monster that kills people in various ways. With each new film, the character was developed more and more, for which it was very interesting to watch. We know about the culture of predators, their customs, rules, and we see that they, like people, are not so smooth. Last & quot; Predator & quot; continued disclosing the race of monsters and showed that they have their own civil strife. For example, the same dithertyra with stolen weapons.

And not only an interesting concept makes the predator return to the big screens. The steepness and rudeness - this is what this monster offers to viewers who are gathered to watch films about it. Whatever the disadvantages of films with a predator, one thing remains unchanged - these monsters are cool and interesting.

2. Bloody action - that's why we love such a movie. If part of the audience was forgiven by the absence of an adult rating, then with the & quot; Predator & quot; this would not have passed. Each film of the franchise fully demonstrates the charms of the R rating, with which it can even be overdone. Yes, I'm talking about the scene in the hospital with another crossover with a stranger, and it was disgusting.

The fans of blood in the frame could always turn to the predator for such a spectacle, the action scenes here never regretted blood and guts. The same applies to the 2018 film, where there was a bloody action in every action scene. There was enough blood and scattered viscera, the fans would definitely not be disappointed.

Negative points:

1. Olivia Mann - or rather Dr. Breckett. The characters in this film are not very clever or logical. But if most of them have corresponding characters and oddities, then all the appearances of Olivia Mann on the screen raised questions or a facepalm. And I'm not talking about the actress, but about her character.

Only her first appearance says that the logic in this image is like a cat. It all starts with the fact that she was taken to the laboratory. They came to her, said a few non-specific words, and she did not say a word, got into the car with them. She did not ask for a certificate, no explanation, but got into the car. She could be taken anywhere and for anything, what kind of gullibility is that ?! CVV Shop Forum

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