Polo. Kings Disease # 001
A selective affliction affects only “masters of life”, turning them into miserable slaves of a small ball from a bamboo root. At the end of the 20th century, the “disease of the kings" makes its victims pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, forget about relatives and friends, spend half their lives in soiled, soaked clothes among the dirt, horse sweat and swarming horseflies.

Royal sport - this is the name of this frenzied game of the rich. “Creepy, damned mania” - inveterate players speak about it, who are no longer able to part with an expensive hobby. “It looks like a ballet. On a hybrid of a knightly tournament and a cowboy rodeo. Wind hockey, ”amazed spectators say. According to the rules of cruel sports, they do not come closer to the fence of the playing field than a dozen yards - this is life threatening.

Each member of the prestigious polo club in the city of Espin, Nevada, annually pays in the form of contributions $ 100 thousand. A serious player usually has two dozen horses in his stable - in addition to four or five young stallions, there must be 20 specially trained ponies (horses must be changed often during the game, after each round). A first-class hoofed “monster”, able to follow the ball and not afraid of a club hit, is estimated by experts from $ 25 to $ 35 thousand. Each horse’s equipment costs $ 2 thousand, a player’s sports uniform (helmet with visor, high boots with spurs, knee pads and the famous polo shirt) - even a thousand, and if you buy branded accessories from Ralph Lauren or Alfred Dunhil Polo - and even more. For the season, the maintenance of a team of four athletes will cost $ 500-1200 thousand. Only for the services of veterinarians, grooms, riders and equestrian players have to pay more than for a small sports yacht.

It is not surprising that in the lists of polo clubs you can often find the names of tycoons, major politicians and movie stars - such as John Whitney, Everett and Pamela Harriman, Sean Connery, Sylvester Stallone ... However, these people do not like to advertise their expensive passion. Closure and confidentiality are mandatory rules at Palm Beach Club in Florida, Royal Horse Guards in London, Galifax Polo in Canada, Polo Palermo in Argentina. It may seem that these people, suffering from a kind of manic fetishism in relation to a meter and a half, made of polished wood, with a silver hilt of a polo-stick (the so-called mallet, that is, a hammer), seek to protect the rest of mortals from a dangerous infection that turns a person into frantic, hot and screeching appendage of the horse. en.natashaescort.com/article/sex_tours_to_ukraine-4

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