Forza Motorsport 4: Y8 Overview
The confrontation between racing simulators Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo until recently seemed extremely contrived. The rival from Microsoft could not compete with the heavy, limitless and multifunctional product of the efforts of the Polyphony Digital team . After the release of the third part, simplified to disgrace, it seemed that the developers would go further along the unpopular path of total abolitions. In this light, the declared support for the Kinect controller’s car simulator was received quite restrained - the owners of the Xbox 360 began to hate quietly. Tons of uncensored criticism, which flooded the thematic forums behind the ears, did not pass by the creators of Forza. The series was helped to get out of an unforeseen knockout so that the fourth part would be able to compete with Gran Turismo 5 and even beat it in many positions. Just like in cool films about boxers from the 80s: first they are beaten for a long time, they fall, remembering all the memorable moments of communication with mom, trainer and girl, and then, with their last breath, they rise up and give to the "cabbage soup" a perplexed opponent.

When everything works out, Forza Motorsport 4 captivates with some excessive concentration, combing and unwritten, omnipresent notes for the afflicted: “Look, I’m all right, not bulky like the GT5 , I’ve got it all worked out, I’m better, yes!” Here, for example, take cars. As we all remember, Polyphony Digital tried to impress our imagination with the number of thousands of cars available. We immediately rushed to praise the team Kazunori Yamauchi(Kazunori Yamauchi) - they say, they spent so much time working on it. As it turned out, only four of these ten hundred cars were highly detailed models. In which the salons were meticulously tailored, and on the outside there were enough all kinds of trinkets-nameplates. The rest of the mass is a pack of the fourth Gran Turismo , whose representatives were slightly retouched and added in the resolution.

In Forza Motorsport 4 all to be honest. Let half the number of cars than the Gran Turismo 5, but they are all with the proper number of polygons, and they look great both outside and inside. The roar of the engine, you see, was recorded for each separately, and if there is a desire to study the best models - you are welcome to the AutoVista mode. For the most fastidious aesthetes, obsessed with relevant topics, this is a real Mecca. High-poly models of elite “horses” have the opportunity to open the hood or trunk, doors, climb inside, hold on to the wheel and, most importantly, listen to cynical comments from the real prophet of the auto industry, Jeremy Clarkson. It is precisely the one who, with his chocolate voice with a pronounced English accent, is discussing with two permanent colleagues and Stig the car innovations in Top Gear.

Since the conversation turned to a famous TV show. Bon Appetit! Play best Y8 Games at the website. HereTurn 10 decided to perform no worse than Polyphony Digital - the famous test track was added; all the most idiotic types of competitions (bowling on minimachines, celebrities on wretched cars) are also licensed. Apparently, adding to the powerful exclusive car simulator all the honors associated with the famous English TV show is already a mandatory point of the program.

Actually, "Top Gear" and Clarkson at the hymns - this is so, very small, "luring". If Forza Motorsport 4 was not the race, but still very good, do not be helped and Schumacher (Michael Schumacher) on the Rights of the commentator. We all remember Forza Motorsport 3 with simplified physics, a lot of “helpers”, nauseating colors and frivolous complexity. All of the above disadvantages in relation to the fourth part are irrelevant.

The physical behavior of racetracks is worthy of respect. Cars with due difficulty enter the turn, do not tolerate the squeezed gas pedal, react differently to braking and steering. Such honest physics sets up very focused driving, where every oversight, incorrect movement, even accidentally pulling the controller trigger can lead to the loss of precious seconds. Fortunately for beginners, no one canceled the function of rewinding time after an unsuccessfully completed maneuver. Do not tolerate indulgences in relation to yourself? Then give up the "time machine" and get an increase in experience.

At the dawn of the development of Kinect technology, the declared controller support for Forza Motorsport 4 looked a bit, let's say, far-fetched. The steering wheel in this situation is a completely different matter. But to keep an imaginary controller in the air and try to control the car - is this not meaningless? In fact, it turned out that everything is not so bad. The innovative controller deserves special attention in those moments when it comes to the AutoVista mode. Can you imagine how important Kinect is when it comes to meticulously groping and stroking smooth lines of supercars? And why, by the way, in some Need for Speed ​​the next duty model is still not allowed to pinch the ass?

Artificial intelligence is at a decent level. Virtual rivals are extremely accurate, do not climb on the rampage, wait for the right moment to overtake and, like all real racers, make mistakes. Fighting such opponents is a pleasure. And there is no past pronounced game of giveaway, when the racers leading up to the last turn suddenly made children's mistakes, ran into concrete fencing at great speed, leaving us a 100% chance to get ahead.

Against the background of prettier graphics, wiser virtual racers and a physical model transformed beyond recognition, the damage system in Forza Motorsport 4 looks rather faded and unconvincing. To crush the brand new Ferrari into dust, you need to ram the wall for a long time and hard. Wait until the hood and doors fall off the “car”, but after that you will still have a chance to come to the finish line, if not the first, then at least the top three.

You can’t forbid to drive beautifully The plot component in the game is traditionally paid a lot of attention. Let's start with past achievements. If you have dashed the right amount of laps in Forza Motorsport 3 and opened a decent amount of “achievements”, then the fourth part will generously reward you with the so-called starting capital.

The bulk of career trials are ordinary ring races. Do not try to build acid mines now. Firstly, as your skill grows and you progress through the storyline campaign, artificial intelligence also improves in its skills. That is, in any case, it will not be boring during the whole game. And secondly, regularly moving from a car to a car within the same car class is not necessary. Met a dream car - work on its “pumping” and cut circles. In career mode, there is the opportunity to both test your strength in various trials and break friends' records. You can freeze for a long time, not even reaching the multiplayer. But when you play on the network, you don’t have to miss, either. Comparison with the Gran Turismo 5 I do not want to allow, although to say that inForza Motorsport 4 is much easier and more affordable, we are obliged. No, no, you don’t think that we think that seeing things through the eyes of Polyphony Digital employees is wrong or outdated. The cartoons for these two competing projects are different, that’s all.

You can talk about Forza Motorsport 4 as endlessly as you can "hang" in it. Do you think that we will now begin to tirelessly praise the work of Turn 10 and call the team members the best developers of car simulators, thereby belittling Kazunori Yamauchi ’s colleagues ? No, we just coldly notice that the Xbox 360 has finally got the main race for the entire life cycle of the console. Of course, exclusive. But whether it is better Gran Turismo 5 is an endlessly rhetorical question.

Pros: prettier graphics; simplicity in development; mass of modes; affordable and chic multiplayer; Jeremy Clarkson's voice .
Cons: a small number of new tracks.

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