In our forests a raccoon dog got accustomed
Now, more than ever, the time has come for a decisive struggle against the black market. For this, I think, it is time to provide fur products for people inside the country and, first of all, hunters-fishermen. It is necessary to fundamentally change the standards for the skins, they should be clear and precise, without loose concepts. The furs should go straight to the factory, without any intermediate bases and warehouses. After all, the hunter-contractor ultimately pays for all this.

I know that there is some law that gives the right to the hunter-cannon and during the fishery season to take leave up to two months a year without maintenance, but with the permission of the administration. But tell me, please, what kind of manager will let the employee go for two months, especially if there are several such workers? I am sure - no and never. It would be better if for one month at least, but without fail the head would let such a hunter go. If he rents furs for at least 800 rubles per year. Release at the request of the director of the hunting farm or the chairman of the district hunting society. It must be legalized.

Not many here in the Omutninsky district catch minks, although there are plenty of them. Have not learned yet to catch. Muskrat knocked out and caught almost completely. Why did it happen that over the past three years not a single muskrat has been handed over? Hunters sew their own hats. On the breeding and protection of muskrats no one thinks.

Now a raccoon dog has taken root in our forests very well. But it also does not pass - the price is low. But they catch, and the number of caps on their heads, both female and male, is already growing noticeably.

Ermine no one specifically deals with, only if accidentally falls - the receiving price of the pelt is low. Hare skins also donate very little. For shot skin give at most one ruble. And God forbid, if the receiver sees a few gray hairs, which, by the way, are also found in the middle of winter. Immediately, such a pelt is estimated as “off grade” and costs 28 kopecks.

Some hunters do not pay attention to the squirrel. And we still have nothing to catch her with. Eating bait in traps set on marten, squirrels sometimes get into them and leave without paws, irretrievably disappearing.

Many perish in these traps and birds, especially woodpeckers, titmouse, kedrovok, jays, owls, forty and others. Apparently, the time has come to set traps in closed huts, so as to completely eliminate the death of birds.

A lot of flying protein comes across, weasels, but for some reason, they are not taken anywhere. So you have to hang them on the bait.

I want to say about the young hunters. First of all, joining the hunting society should be allowed to 16 years. One year will pass in candidates, and in 17 years the young man will hand over the hunting minimum and will receive the real hunting ticket. Indeed, in 16 years already receive a passport. Add here the time spent walking for permission, plus three months for the purchase of a gun, registration, and sighting. So it will turn out - the age of the hunter is seventeen-seventeen and a half years. I think it will be the most suitable age. It is from this age that the love of the forest, nature, and attachment to one’s own land develops. And more prepared guys will go into the army, with good endurance and strong will power.

Each hunting farm must be divided on the natural borders into two areas: the main and reproductive. In the first to allow hunting according to the rules, terms and norms of shooting. In the second to prohibit any hunt. And it is desirable that the reproductive area was in the middle of the hunting farm.

Ascribed farm can be divided along natural boundaries and assigned to hunter-guns in accordance with a written contract with the director of the hunting farm. Forest and non-forest areas, hayfields, arable land, pastures, swamps, sands and other lands are fixed for, say, three to five years. Ultimately, you’ll be informed on all the most important traits of some of the best Online slots around and you’ll have a much easier time choosing your favourites. Then all that’s left to do is hit the ‘Spin’ button and have faith in your lucky stars!

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