Meet the Team

Expert Guides to Epic Eco-Adventure

Get to know our specialized team of guides and biologists—many homegrown. All nature lovers and influential champions of science and research in Costa Rica. Each one is here to build confidence in beginners, take virtuosos to the next level and share a love of this country’s wondrous nature that will bring you back, again and again, for life-changing eco-adventure.

Explorer Extraordinaire

Miguel Sánchez

Origin: Barcelona, Spain

Domain: Under the sea

Claims to fame: Scuba diver, videographer, dive instructor, global traveler with a taste for the extreme, inspired home chef celebrating his Spanish-Cuban cooking genes

Magic power: Creating outrageous excursions few people ever experience

Fun fact: Addicted to big-animal ocean encounters

Epic moment: Rescuing a giant Pacific manta ray entangled in a fishing net while scuba diving

Favorite Guanacaste spot: Playa Iguanita with a good swell

Motto: Life’s about enjoying the ride

Lead Naturalist Guide

Jhonny Hernandez Martínez

Origin: Limón, Costa Rica

Domain: Reptiles and amphibians

Claims to fame: Conservationist, manager of wildlife refuge, honor medal as a conservationist from the Boy Scouts

Magic power: Interpreting the sounds of the forest

Fun fact: Wildlife photographer on the side

Epic moment: Taking care of crocodiles in the reptile farm rescue center

Favorite Guanacaste spot: Santa Rosa National Park

Motto: Nature is life

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Mountain Bike Guru

Gabriel Chacon

Origin: San José, Costa Rica

Domain: Mountain bike and trail builder

Claims to fame: Adventure tour guide and trails designer, Costa Rica’s 3rd-place winner of Enduro, climbing Chirripó Peak 12 times

Magic power: Creating unparalleled experiences for his clients

Fun fact: Trail running and biking the wild side of Costa Rica

Epic moment: Seeing a savage jaguar hunting a deer

Favorite Guanacaste spot: Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Motto: Improving your skills is my satisfaction

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Jungle Man

Ersel Aguilar Villalobos

Origin: Alajuela, Costa Rica

Domain: In the jungles, on the rivers

Claims to fame: Nature tour guide and designer, TripAdvisor #1 best tours in the area, Ministry of Culture award winner

Magic power: Connecting people with nature and pura vida

Fun fact: Creator of YouTube channel Ersel Costa Rica

Epic moment: Rescued and handled a baby sloth that was lost on the ground; after a hug that stopped the baby sloth’s crying, Ersel gallantly helped find its mother

Favorite Guanacaste spot: Bahía Santa Elena

Motto: Every day is a great day

Activity Center Lead

Fabián Castro Hiller

Origin: San José, Costa Rica

Domain: Water

Claims to fame: Divemaster, former national swim team member, water sports enthusiast, physical-condition addict, HIIT instructor, lifeguard

Magic power: Keeping it together around huge animals

Fun fact: Can sleep for days in a row

Epic moment: Swimming with humpback whales

Favorite Guanacaste spot: Playa Avellana

Motto: Good vibes only



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