This retreat of up to 40 participants aims to focuses on the renowned Blue Zones’ Power 9 Principles. Based on evidence-backed research, these principles advocate for simple lifestyle adjustments and prioritization of healthy choices to enhance one’s quality of life, such as moving naturally and having purpose.

From traditional ‘casado’ croquettes to seafood symphony, Chef Alves takes guests on a journey through Costa Rican cuisine and redefines the flavors of Guanacaste.

Peninsula Papagayo proudly unveils several noteworthy openings that promise to redefine luxury and leisure for residents and guests alike.

Championing various new sustainable practices, Peninsula Papagayo achieves impressive food waste reductions.

A Brazilian with Italian and Spanish roots, Bruno Alves’s unique background and his family’s love of food inspired and defined his passion for cooking. Growing up in a home where the kitchen took center stage, he was exposed to a blend of cuisines. Only later in life did Bruno realize his childhood was an elaborate education on some of the dishes and techniques he would later rediscover.