The significance of ACG’s mid-elevational Caribbean forest habitat cannot be overstated, as it provides a contiguous block of undeveloped and unbroken habitats critical to the survival of many migratory bird species from the north during the winter months. Sadly, habitat loss, pesticide use and climate disruption pose significant threats to these birds, making the efforts of the BioAve team all the more crucial.

The firm of renowned landscape architect Raymond Jungles will begin an exciting natural restoration project in Peninsula Papagayo in October. Land modified by development will be meticulously conditioned to reintroduce a thriving, vibrant native plant ecosystem which will both complement and harmonize with the existing landscape.

Costa Rica’s ten-year BioAlfa project is DNA-barcoding the entire country to promote bioliteracy. It is part of a multinational research initiative aimed at building a global library of life — a DNA-barcode reference library — centered at the University of Guelph and the Smithsonian Institution.

Thanks to our new partnership with FONAFIFO, Costa Rica’s internationally renowned National Forestry Financing Fund​​, visitors to Peninsula Papagayo are now able to offset their travel emissions while making positive local impacts, contributing directly to increased forest cover in Costa Rica’s northern sector

To commemorate Oceans Day, The Explorers announce new seasonal experiences with a special purpose — aimed at restoring the coral reefs of Papagayo.

Two years ago, in September 2019, Peninsula Papagayo launched the coral restoration initiative. Spearheaded by Miguel Sánchez, General Manager of Papagayo Explorers, the coral restoration initiative aims to build awareness of coral degradation worldwide, and to recuperate the lost coral beds in Bahía Culebra. Throughout the year, members and guests of the peninsula are invited to participate by joining the Papagayo Explorers for a dive down to explore and clean the coral nurseries just offshore. Now, for the first time since embarking on this initiative, Peninsula Papagayo will be participating in Coral Mania – an annual, worldwide event to harvest corals from nurseries and outplant them in nearby reefs where the coral structure has collapsed.

EcoGourmet was born in Colombia as an initiative to improve the living and working conditions of fishermen and their communities. All restaurants at the Clubhouse at Prieta Beach serve seafood supplied by the EcoGourmet value chain and will continue to curate seasonal menus to incorporate as much of their responsibly sourced and delicious fare as possible.

After several months of preparation and training, the joint effort between the private sector, government, academia, and NGOs is laying the foundation for the restoration of Culebra Bay’s coral reefs and ecosystem services.

Peninsula Papagayo homeowners Ted and Martha Washington recently returned to Costa Rica to lead an expedition to Palo Verde Biological Station. The research facility has been operated by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) since the 1970s under an agreement with the Environment Ministry (MINAE). It was something of a homecoming for Ted having done his graduate work at another OTS research facility in Costa Rica.