In a country where culinary arts are celebrated as a vibrant part of the nation’s cultural fabric, a partnership is flourishing between the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA) and the Clubhouse at Prieta Beach. This collaboration is shaping the future of culinary talent and transforming the lives of aspiring chefs.

In a bid for inclusivity, the partnership aims to break barriers and foster growth in women’s professional surfing, culminating in a panel discussion and fundraiser on March 26th.

Peninsula Papagayo proudly unveils several noteworthy openings that promise to redefine luxury and leisure for residents and guests alike.

New Gastronomic delights and more at Prieta Beach’s renovated beachfront gem.

Meet Chef Miguel Canon as he prepares to unveil the new menu at Manglar.

The renovation of the back nine at Peninsula Papagayo is in full swing, including a robust expansion of fairways and greens, gaining and recapturing grand vistas through selective vegetation clearing, the introduction of low-input native grasses in conjunction with a new irrigation system, and repositioning of natural bunkers in a variety of shapes, sizes, depths, and locations.

The peninsula’s unmatched eco-golf walk in the park is getting a substantial makeover designed by Arnold Palmer Design Company to create more excitement and improve playability.

The third annual Peninsula Papagayo Invitational will take place on January 13th & 14th, 2022, with proceeds earmarked for a new technology hub to benefit local families in the surrounding communities.

The 2nd annual member-guest charity golf tournament will be held January 23-24th with 100% of entry fees to benefit nearby Guardia High School.

The waters around Peninsula Papagayo offer some of the best sportfishing in the eastern tropical Pacific and anglers weren’t disappointed at the inaugural Papagayo Classic held in July.