Championing various new sustainable practices, Peninsula Papagayo achieves impressive food waste reductions.

Led by Executive Chef Emiliano Rabia, the culinary team at Four Seasons Costa Rica has embraced a culinary revolution by focusing on local products and Mesoamerican ingredients. This innovative approach not only elevates the dining experience for guests but also prioritizes waste management practices. By integrating Winnow Solutions’ waste reduction system into two of the resort’s kitchens, the resort has effectively raised awareness and taken concrete action to combat food waste.

Susana Vicente, PPGY Director of Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”), just returned from the annual meeting of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council® (GSTC) in Antalya, Turkey, with fresh thinking and a renewed commitment to sustainable luxury.

The significance of ACG’s mid-elevational Caribbean forest habitat cannot be overstated, as it provides a contiguous block of undeveloped and unbroken habitats critical to the survival of many migratory bird species from the north during the winter months. Sadly, habitat loss, pesticide use and climate disruption pose significant threats to these birds, making the efforts of the BioAve team all the more crucial.

Susana joined PPGY in October 2021 as Head of Sustainability for the Resort Community & Destination team. After leading the formation of resort-wide sustainability committees with a vision of increasing engagement, productivity, and efficiency, Susana stepped into her new role as Director of ESG in December. Susana regularly holds Q&A sessions for the members and guests of the community, and you can join us at her next ‘Coffee with Su’ event at 3:00pm on February 2nd at the Clubhouse at Prieta Beach.

Named one of the top agricultural projects in the country, the multi-award-winning Home Gardens initiative supported by Peninsula Papagayo and Creciendo Juntos in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture welcomes 50 new families from another eight communities to its groundbreaking seven-month agricultural training program, while recent graduates from the local community of El Triunfo have banded together to become Peninsula Papagayo’s first local produce supplier.

Costa Rica’s ten-year BioAlfa project is DNA-barcoding the entire country to promote bioliteracy. It is part of a multinational research initiative aimed at building a global library of life — a DNA-barcode reference library — centered at the University of Guelph and the Smithsonian Institution.

Thanks to our new partnership with FONAFIFO, Costa Rica’s internationally renowned National Forestry Financing Fund​​, visitors to Peninsula Papagayo are now able to offset their travel emissions while making positive local impacts, contributing directly to increased forest cover in Costa Rica’s northern sector

To commemorate Oceans Day, The Explorers announce new seasonal experiences with a special purpose — aimed at restoring the coral reefs of Papagayo.

Two years ago, in September 2019, Peninsula Papagayo launched the coral restoration initiative. Spearheaded by Miguel Sánchez, General Manager of Papagayo Explorers, the coral restoration initiative aims to build awareness of coral degradation worldwide, and to recuperate the lost coral beds in Bahía Culebra. Throughout the year, members and guests of the peninsula are invited to participate by joining the Papagayo Explorers for a dive down to explore and clean the coral nurseries just offshore. Now, for the first time since embarking on this initiative, Peninsula Papagayo will be participating in Coral Mania – an annual, worldwide event to harvest corals from nurseries and outplant them in nearby reefs where the coral structure has collapsed.