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Nature Without Borders

Peninsula Papagayo is Latin America’s ultimate coastal retreat offering an unparalleled closeness to nature in one of the most peaceful and biodiverse nations in the world—home of four World Heritage sites certified by UNESCO and a welcoming people eager to share their land and culture. Part sophisticated resort, part primitive playground, this private paradise possesses one of the most extraordinary landscapes and biological corridors on the planet: a dreamlike 1,400-acre canvas of towering bluff tops, tropical forests and miles of uncrowded beaches tumbling out to the sea—all teeming with rare and magical wildlife.



For a fortunate few, Peninsula Papagayo’s secluded promontories, mesas, bluffs, and hillsides present passage to a way of life that exists nowhere else. Situated amidst the most prized locales, you’ll discover fully turnkey residential offerings of exceptional quality by the world’s leading luxury hoteliers offering a wide range of personalized services and effortless ownership.

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The next generation of private clubs

Private clubs are evolving to entice a new generation of members, with fewer formalities and a more inclusive focus on families and shared experiences than ever before — all with more emphasis on fun, fitness, and the social aspects of club life. In this new world of curated and co-created experiences for all, The Club at Peninsula Papagayo is leading the way with individualized member services and a unique offering of only-here adventure and exploration that stirs wonder, joy and belonging for every member and generation.

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