​​With residents now opting to visit for extended periods, ownership is creating more meeting places to connect and build community.
By Francesca Poddie | December 16, 2021 | Guanacaste

With more members staying for longer periods, ownership is providing more gathering community spaces and opportunities to connect. Recent enhancements to the clubhouse include new pickleball courts, a pet-friendly Tap House with foosball and darts, and revitalized tennis courts.

A new welcome center features local artwork and Chorotega indigenous design elements, which contribute to an attractive, hospitable décor. It’s the perfect place for guests to go to discover more about Peninsula Papagayo.

“Community is at the very heart of Peninsula Papagayo,” says Francesca Poddie, SVP, Resort Community and Destination. “We have been very intentional in creating spaces where people can relax, hang out, and meet fellow residents.”

Tap House

In response to numerous requests, one tennis court was converted to several pickleball courts.

“Pickleball is an easy-to-play game that is popular with kids, parents, and their grandparents,” said Francesca. “This is part of the active memory-making pursuits we want to provide.”

The other three courts were resurfaced and new irrigation and drainage was installed for our grass court. The lounge area was upgraded to become a more inviting venue. Residents and guests can come play a game, and stay afterwards to hang out and socialize. It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends who share a love of the game.

An underutilized courtyard overlooking the tennis facility is now home to the Tap House featuring local brews from Papagayo Brewing. “Families can come, bring their pets, and watch each other play pickleball,” says Francesca. “This is a fun destination with foosball and darts. We hope teens love hanging out here! Members and guests alike are welcome.”

The Welcome Center also received a makeover. Local artwork and Chorotega indigenous design elements contribute to an attractive, hospitable décor.

“Overall, the feel is very Costa Rica,” says Francesca. “The Welcome Center is where anyone can go to find out about residential options and recreation amenities within Peninsula Papagayo.”

With a proximity to the Tap House, staff members can walk over to share a beer with members and guests and answer all of their questions about Peninsula Papagayo.

All these new enhancements make it easy for people to come and stay a while.