In a country where culinary arts are celebrated as a vibrant part of the nation’s cultural fabric, a partnership is flourishing between the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA) and the Clubhouse at Prieta Beach. This collaboration is shaping the future of culinary talent and transforming the lives of aspiring chefs.

This retreat of up to 40 participants aims to focuses on the renowned Blue Zones’ Power 9 Principles. Based on evidence-backed research, these principles advocate for simple lifestyle adjustments and prioritization of healthy choices to enhance one’s quality of life, such as moving naturally and having purpose.

On March 26, surf enthusiasts gathered at the Surf Patio for an event with a powerful message: “Surf Like a Girl.” Against the backdrop of crashing waves and salty air, speakers Naty Vindas, Lia Diaz, and Lisbeth Vindas shared their experiences and insights into the evolution of women’s professional surfing globally and domestically.

In a bid for inclusivity, the partnership aims to break barriers and foster growth in women’s professional surfing, culminating in a panel discussion and fundraiser on March 26th.

Meet the multifaceted innovators of Peninsula Papagayo – from circus arts and healthy spreads to nature adventures, employees turned entrepreneurs leave their mark.

The Hydrogen School, introduced by Estrategia Siglo XXI and Ad Astra Rocket Company Costa Rica, in partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is designed to educate and train young individuals from the Guanacaste region in the field of hydrogen technologies.

Championing various new sustainable practices, Peninsula Papagayo achieves impressive food waste reductions.

Meet Chef Miguel Canon as he prepares to unveil the new menu at Manglar.

An exciting new epicenter for outdoor sports, recreation, casual dining and entertainment is coming soon to Peninsula Papagayo. Situated in the new Manzanillo Bay neighborhood, the next-generation community park will feature multi-sport hardcourts, multiple playgrounds and aquatic environments, and a fresh collection of soulful nature-meets-movement activities and learning opportunities for all ages. View Site Plan … Continued

Led by Executive Chef Emiliano Rabia, the culinary team at Four Seasons Costa Rica has embraced a culinary revolution by focusing on local products and Mesoamerican ingredients. This innovative approach not only elevates the dining experience for guests but also prioritizes waste management practices. By integrating Winnow Solutions’ waste reduction system into two of the resort’s kitchens, the resort has effectively raised awareness and taken concrete action to combat food waste.