Creciendo Juntos turns 20 and continues to grow and make a difference in the 19 communities surrounding Peninsula Papagayo. Its latest public-private partnership, a new medical clinic in nearby Corralillos, opened July 7, 2021. The group's executive director, Elsa Bonilla, sat down with us recently to talk about the group's latest public-private partnership and what it means for local Guanacestecans.
By Francesca Poddie | July 30, 2021 | Guanacaste
Creciendo Juntos

Why a medical clinic in Corralillos? Why now?

Elsa: “Even though this settlement is only 15 minutes from the town of Filadelfia, it has become more and more isolated, with no public transportation or public services. The last medical clinic in Corralillos closed 25 years ago, in 1996. Most of the residents experience extreme poverty. Minor ailments have been left untreated, and with time they have become more serious health issues. Creciendo Juntos saw the need and worked with stakeholders to fill a real gap. “

What services will the clinic prioritize?

Elsa: “Education for children and young adults will be a focus for the new clinic, including seminars addressing social issues such as preventive health, sex education, suicide prevention, drug addiction and other challenges. Costa Rica’s Health Ministry will also be taking advantage of the doctor’s office a few times a month to tend to adult patients, bringing in specialists depending on the specific needs of the community.”

How has the clinic been received by local residents?

Elsa: “After years of struggling, the community is very excited and appreciative that this long awaited project has now become a reality.”

What did the opening mean for you?

Elsa: “It was gratifying for all of us to see the project through to completion and be part of the inauguration. The mayor of Nicoya was in attendance, along with representatives from the Health Ministry, and the various committees involved in making this project a reality. Our team arrived on a Saturday, not a regular work day for us, and ended up helping a young boy who was choking on a seed. So, the first unofficial patient received the Heimlich maneuver from one of our staff members; it was a miracle we were there!”

Ribbon ceremony

Currently, Creciendo Juntos´ efforts to help improve the well-being of residents in neighboring communities are fully funded by Peninsula Papagayo´s donations and a team of extremely hard-working and dedicated volunteers. Click here to find out more on how you can help.