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Michael Koch


First attracted by Costa Rica’s climate and national parks, the Austrian native was ultimately drawn to Peninsula Papagayo by the natural splendor and simpler way of life.

What first attracted you to Costa Rica?

Climate, convenience and recreation mainly. Costa Rica’s extensive national park system and the country’s commitment to preserving its vast natural resources also appealed to us.

What does “pura vida” mean to you?

Life at its fullest and simplest.

What were the most important factors in your decision to buy property and build at Peninsula Papagayo?

Four Seasons, easy access to an international airport and a stable democracy. Being able to live amid the natural splendor of Peninsula Papagayo, so close to national parks and the other natural resources of Costa Rica, is a true privilege—one that comes with a responsibility to help preserve these unique resources for future generations.

The modern architecture is intriguing. What was your inspiration?

We were going for a bow and arrow, jetting toward the pacific.

Your boys love to surf. What’s their favorite wave?

Witch’s Rock, not far from here, has some of the best waves in Central America.

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