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Tom Thoms


Peninsula Papagayo’s ultimate adventure seeker cherishes family time on the water and hikes to Guanacaste’s hidden waterfalls. At the end of the day, though, he says there really is no place like home on the Peninsula.

What first attracted you to Costa Rica?

The easy access to a predictable climate, stable economy and happy people.

What is your favorite way to spend an hour on the peninsula?

The hike from Playa Prieta to Playa Virador is amazing.

Your beach house in Costa Rica was a joint venture with your brother, Ted. What was it that brought your two families together at Peninsula Papagayo?

After discovering the peninsula, and convincing my brother to visit, it was easy. Considering travel, investment and time commitments, who wouldn’t want a place in paradise? It is easier to share than we thought, and there is rarely a day that we do not see each other in the office and say we’d rather be in Costa Rica.

The Thoms family seems to love exploring and going on fun adventures. What are some of your favorite discoveries in Costa Rica?

Whitewater rafting is great but hikes to the waterfalls and volcanoes are out of this world. Whenever we are out on an adventure we always say, if you think you have gone too far, you are not there yet.

Your home overlooks the Pacific Ocean and 17th hole of the Palmer Signature Course. What is your favorite part about the golf experience at Peninsula Papagayo?

The views are unbelievable. I can stress out about how well I am playing, but just need to look around to realize how blessed I am.

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