Over the past few years, the Peninsula Papagayo Sustainability team has grown significantly - a clear sign of the ambition and increasing scope of the sustainability initiatives.
By Danielle Finnegan | June 27, 2024 | Guanacaste

In 2021, Susana Vicente was the sole sustainability team member for the destination. Building on Ecodesarollo’s foundational work, which started producing reports in 2018, she produced the Impact Reports 2021 and 2022 now 2023. Today, the team has grown to include five more members, including two biologists, each with unique expertise. This core team is further bolstered by sustainability managers from Andaz and Four Seasons, as well as nine consultants, all of whom provide critical expertise in the report.

Since originally taking on the impact report, Susana has adopted the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards—the world’s most widely used social and environmental reporting framework. Reporting in accordance with these standards not only ensures that our progress is communicated clearly and transparently but also signifies our commitment to global standards, instilling confidence in our stakeholders about the credibility and impact of our initiatives.

The creation of the impact report remains a complex, six-month process that involves the entire team. Information must be meticulously gathered from various departments, with stringent deadlines dictating the pace. Later this year, they will begin using Sphera, an ESG management software service that promises to enhance efficiency and strategic direction, easing the burden of data collection and reporting.

The Impact Report, published in Spanish and English, underscores the significant strides made in 2023. The presentation of the final report was made by Susana Vicente, Manuel Ardon, Elsa Bonilla, Carolina Fernandez and Ileana Diaz in Liberia on June 20, and was the third of its kind. It brought together key stakeholders such as public administration, school directors, local media, vendors, and local organizations such as the Food Bank of Costa Rica. These stakeholders, crucial to the project’s success, will gather to witness and celebrate the milestones they have contributed to.

On August 14, members are invited learn more about the report at ‘Coffee with Su’, a unique opportunity to engage directly with the team. This gathering fosters a deeper understanding of the initiatives and their impact. Susana will also unveil the 13 key topics the organization will focus on in its coming five-year strategy. This strategy ensures that our initiatives continue to drive sustainable change and deliver meaningful impacts, instilling hope and confidence in our stakeholders.

You can read the 2023 Impact Report here.

I am incredibly excited to share this year’s Impact Report with our stakeholders. It represents the hard work and dedication of our growing team and our ongoing commitment to transparency, sustainability, and community engagement. This report is a testament to our progress and a clear roadmap for the future.

Susana Vicente