Championing various new sustainable practices, Peninsula Papagayo achieves impressive food waste reductions.
By Danielle Finnegan | October 27, 2023 | Guanacaste
Four Seasons

In a groundbreaking pilot program launched this past August, Andaz Resorts has teamed up with the Food Bank of Costa Rica in partnership with Salvación Santa Cruz (Salvation Army), to ensure all unused, fresh food, finds its way to local communities in need.

The Salvation Army of Santa Cruz provides support to approximately 150 individuals residing in three different communities within Guanacaste. The assistance is distributed as follows: In Santa Cruz, 60 children are enrolled in a day care center, ensuring their well-being and early development. Meanwhile, in Nicoya and Liberia, 30 children each are beneficiaries of weekend dining rooms, addressing their nutritional needs. Additionally, the organization extends its help to 60 street dwellers scattered across Santa Cruz, Nicoya, and Liberia. Moreover, in Liberia, 20 to 40 individuals within families receive support once or twice a week. This diverse range of aid reflects the organization’s commitment to uplifting and strengthening the communities it serves.

Remarkably, Andaz is not just the sole hotel in Costa Rica but also the lone entity to participate in Guanacaste, setting an inspiring precedent for others to follow. Upon reopening, Four Seasons will also join the effort.

Four Seasons continues progressing with Winnow Food Waste Solutions, a cutting-edge system that quantifies food waste. The results are staggering: in one year, a 50% reduction in food waste compared to baseline figures.

“Every ounce of food saved is a step towards a more equitable world where resources are respected, and nourishment is accessible,” said Chef Emiliano Rabia of Four Seasons. “Through innovative solutions like Winnow, we’ve embraced mindful consumption and a shared responsibility to minimize food waste, for it is through these actions that we can create a healthier planet for generations to come.

The Clubhouse at Prieta Beach and Andaz Resort are both set to follow suit, implementing the same Winnow system later this year. These collaborative endeavors are poised to make substantial strides in the ongoing battle against food waste.

Moreover, since its inception, PPGY’s compost center has also made significant advancements. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a team of trained operators, this year alone the facility has converted 17 tons of waste into compost, sparing over 65 tons from reaching landfills, since the operation started in 2019.

The significance of this mission transcends social and humanitarian concerns; it is fundamentally environmental. Every morsel of wasted food represents a squandering of the energy, water, and land resources expended in its growth, harvesting, transportation, and packaging. Moreover, discarded food in landfills decomposes, emitting methane—a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide.

Through a dedication to innovation, collaboration, and unwavering sustainability commitment, these endeavors not only support the well-being of the communities they serve but also contribute to the health of our planet.