Meet the multifaceted innovators of Peninsula Papagayo - from circus arts and healthy spreads to nature adventures, employees turned entrepreneurs leave their mark.
By Danielle Finnegan | March 19, 2024 | Guanacaste

Kevin Arias: From Peninsula Papagayo’s Recreation Guru to Global Circus Maestro, Unleashing Creativity Beyond Boundaries

Eight years ago, Kevin and his partner Natalia Castro started “Curubanda,” a body art project encompassing yoga, fabrics, poles, aerial hoops, and circus arts, initially tailored for the Liberian community. Over time, its impact reached beyond borders, extending to Granada, Nicaragua, and Mukuni Village in Zambia, focusing on social at risk populations. The project now consists of providing lessons, scholarships, and creating diverse circus shows. Their vision involves expanding scholarship opportunities and promoting shows to finance social projects for vulnerable communities globally.

Ersel Aguilar’s Nature Adventures and Villacocos: Nurturing Nature and Community

Ersel, a nature enthusiast, created the YouTube channel “Ersel the Explorer” in 2010, focusing on wildlife events and educational content. Despite being more of a hobby, Ersel’s passion has garnered attention, with local channels sharing his videos. His second project, “Villacocos,” a family venture, involves cultivating coconut palms in the rainy region of San Carlos, providing employment opportunities and inclusive options for the local community. The project strengthens family bonds and promises benefits for the surrounding rural areas.


Karen Mairena’s Ventures: From Healthy Butter to Creative Spaces

In 2020, driven by a passion for healthy eating, Karen founded Mila’s Butter, crafting spreadable nut butter without sugar. Her entrepreneurial journey expanded in 2022 with Taller Creativo, a project offering children a safe and enjoyable space for activities aimed at providing adults with free time. Karen’s latest venture, Femme Home Concept, delves into home decoration and organization accessories. Her slogan, “Never bossy, always a boss,” encapsulates her approach to entrepreneurship.

Kevin, Karen, and Ersel excel in their roles within the organization and have become inspiring entrepreneurs with ventures far beyond the workplace. Their stories weave a narrative of creativity, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive impact, showcasing that the Peninsula Papagayo community fosters professional growth and empowers individuals to flourish as visionary entrepreneurs, leaving a lasting mark on diverse fields and communities.