On March 26, surf enthusiasts gathered at the Surf Patio for an event with a powerful message: "Surf Like a Girl." Against the backdrop of crashing waves and salty air, speakers Naty Vindas, Lia Diaz, and Lisbeth Vindas shared their experiences and insights into the evolution of women's professional surfing globally and domestically.
By Danielle Finnegan | April 4, 2024 | Guanacaste

The event celebrated women’s accomplishments in surfing and extended support to the local female surf community. Attendees learned about the significant strides made in women’s surfing, including the milestone achieved by the World Surf League in 2018 when they announced equal prize money for men and women. This bold move shattered barriers and paved the way for greater equality in the sport.

The $3,300 raised from the event will not only facilitate the participation of these remarkable athletes in prestigious competitions but also contribute to the broader mission of empowering women in surfing. Naty Vindas, for instance, will utilize the funds to secure her spot in the Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championship, while Lia Diaz will use the donations to fund her trip to the ISA World Games in El Salvador, in addition to sponsorship support she received earlier. Lisbeth Vindas will allocate her portion to support her Costa Rican National Circuit participation.

Other donations will support Surf Adaptivo Costa Rica’s initiatives led by Naty Vindas, furthering the goal of making surfing accessible for locals with disabilities.

As the sun set on the Surf Patio, attendees departed with renewed solidarity and purpose. The journey towards gender equality in surfing may be ongoing, but events like “Surf Like a Girl” serve as a reminder of the resilience and determination of women in the sport.