Enhancements are set to begin August 1, kicking off the ultimate next phase of the luxury resort.
By Danielle Finnegan | July 24, 2023
Four Seasons

At the forefront of the project is the introduction of the Virador Beach Club, an opulent sanctuary offering a taste of barefoot luxury. With an Eastern Mediterranean beachside vibe, the club features an oceanside eatery, lounge, infinity-edge pool, and private cabanas. Lead architect Jorge Borja of Grupo BV, renowned for his expertise in coastal elegance, brings light natural materials to create organic beauty.

Designer Kris Goyri has designed a limited-edition wardrobe exclusively for resort employees to elevate the mood. Goyri’s intricate designs harmoniously blend traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting style and sensuality.

The Virador Beach Club’s ambiance is further enhanced by Gray V, a renowned music designer curating a captivating soundtrack. Soft house beats celebrate the bohemian spirit during the day, while Latin and eclectic drum-forward beats energize the evenings.

A new Wellness Shala offers a sacred space that fosters inner harmony and connection with nature. Architects Luis Alejandro Cuesta and Javier Creuheras of Arquitectura Mixta drew inspiration from the Guanacaste winds, crafting a sustainable structure that seamlessly integrates with the surroundings. Nestled on the hills, the Wellness Shala serves as a bridge between ancient rituals and modern wellness practices, enabling guests to align their body, mind, and soul with the captivating elements of the land.

Under the guidance of architect Polyanna Paraskeva, the Kids For All Seasons program will undergo a complete transformation inspired by Peninsula Papagayo’s magical mangroves. Paraskeva’s designs incorporate low-lying platforms mimicking the root systems, fostering children’s sensory development, social skills, and problem-solving abilities. The vibrant environment features natural materials and movable, flexible walls integrating technology, arts, and science.

The project also includes renovating the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf course, prioritizing sustainability to enhance the golfing experience.

Developers Mohari and Gencom, alongside Four Seasons, lead the visionary project. A global design team draws inspiration from the stunning landscape and sustainability principles.

The Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo will temporarily pause operations from August 1 to October 2023 to prepare for the highly anticipated unveiling of its transformative enhancements. Starting November 1, 2023, residents and guests can return for elevated personalized service, connection to nature, and meticulous attention to detail that define this Costa Rican paradise.